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14 thoughts on “Botanical – Bold and Colorful”

  1. Good grief! I can’t get the thing to hold still long enough to see anything! I try to click on an interesting picture and the whole thing leaps away from the mouse.

    While it may be graphically “exciting” and a programming tour de force … as a user interface is sucks. Really sucks.

  2. Vintage Printable, what would we do without you.
    Thanks for running this site and making it a great resource for designers and artists.
    But, but, but, but please make the flash gallery and slide show etc something you have to turn on.
    I keep on clicking the ‘turn off’ switch but it keeps coming on, very, very frustrating.

    Ken Hurd

  3. Thank you for all your hard work and offering this as free printables! The user interface may not be what everyone likes but hey people, it’s free. Stop complaining and just be thankful. Someone puts a lot of time and effort into this site. They don’t have to but they choose to. If you have a complaint maybe you should e-mail instead of posting it on here for all to see. Or at least tell them how much you appreciate them before you rip the site a new one.

    1. A- thank you for sticking up for us, but we sort of view the complaints as opportunities to learn/living laboratories.

      We really are sorry for being a time drain for everyone who is looking for printable images during our re-org.

  4. I have much gratitude for this site. Ok in regards to the UI — just an observation from someone who has broadband speed that’s about a tenth of what the average person has.

    The images should be made into thumbnails. WordPress has the functionality for this. The main image on this page, the large one is over 700 kb and 18×30 inches – which is very large.

    I’m taking a quick look at the code from what I can see on the outside and in the FAQ here, “performance gets to be an issue at some point.”

    You also have a really rough page speed score on your theme. I’ve been dealing with this on a site I built for a customer with a wordpress theme. I didn’t realize that the theme was causing such a heavy server load until I kept having to add more traffic to the guy’s hosting account. It appears as though when the page first loads in the browser, it takes longer as well. If someone has the site cached in their browser it may take less time. When I reload the page it takes much less time.

    Check out the stats on your theme here It got a grade of 44 out of 100. That’s what, an F? lol! I Love those guys, don’t get me wrong! Their code is some of the most beautiful code I’ve ever seen in my life!

    I’m thinking what’s really wrong with the site is that image plugin you’re using. I sat here waiting for the site to load, it finished loading and I didn’t end up seeing the thumbnails. If I click on one of the thumbnails, say this one the page loads fine, as there is only 1 thumbnail and it’s 11k, awesome size for a thumb!

    I’ve never used the photo smash gallery, so I can’t say much about how to troubleshoot it. There may be an option to set it to compress the image thumbs or something? The page load time is definitely not right, but I can’t tell if it’s just because of the huge image up above, or the gallery itself. You could try setting the big image as one of the smaller sizes in the image upload area. Just remove it then re add it from the media area. It should “stick” with the post it’s tied to and be visible in the wordpress default gallery. There are buttons for image sizes and it technically should resize the image for you- but the attachment would go to the larger image?

    I have used Next Generation Gallery, which is pretty sweet. It allows you to upload an entire zip file into a gallery in 1 click. It uses shortcodes too — and gives you the ability to edit the way a thumbnail displays. You can check NGG out here.

    Anyways, I’m just trying to offer some sort of speculation as to what may be causing the issues here with a look at what is visible from viewing the source code. Good luck with things!! ::hugs:: Sü

  5. Ok one more thing. I just realized — after looking some more. I think that the ENTIRE 100 pictures are loading in the top area where the previous and next are!! I started clicking through those and they load fine. The whole time I was waiting for the page to load I really do think that it was loading all of those, because they are each and every one loading fine now. It’s gotta be something messed up with that gallery, or whatever does the previous and next thing. It’s like it’s sort of treating it like a slider — which would load all of the images at once. Definitely not good. I’m not complaining whatsoever, just trying to figure out what you have goin’ on here. I still don’t see any of the thumbnail images though.


  6. Hi…
    what a FABULOUS Site!!!!!!

    thrilled a friend turned me on to it….

    Just wondering why I only can get the first one of BERRIES showing up Large??
    and the thumbnails are blank…

    Sure it is just ME….. any help would be appreciated… THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ignore above…

    i just hit NEXT AND NEXT

    and they are gorgeous



  8. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

  9. Hello everyone, we hope that our redesign is speeding things up, and helping with the navigation. Having close to 30,000 images is a bear to design because some of the development for plain-vanilla blogs just can’t be used here. Plus, we had a “fuser” issue pulling too much CPU at the server level, for those who are interested in such things. Thanks everyone for all your interest and we’re still here!

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