Browse the images by date or key word. Right click to save or print.  For mindless scrolling through the images chronologically, it’s best to choose a year and a month and put in the number “300” for the number of images. (This plug-in is an oldie but goodie, and so is a bit idiosyncratic in delivering results).


animal - tapir - naturalist

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11 thoughts on “Chron file – Browse or Search All the Images and Blog Post”

  1. I visited previously and you have GREAT images. However, I have tried to work this site 6 ways to Sunday and it is impossible. Is it broken? Will it be fixed? Perhaps you can post on FB when you are running properly again.

  2. I suddenly can’t get in at all today. I don’t get the link to disable flash and it spins but can’t bring anything up.

  3. Hi! Just wanted to say that this site is really good, but at the moment it’s really hard to find images.
    When I look in your archive almost all images are broken. Hoping this will be fixed since this is such a great site!

    Kind regards,

  4. Love this idea and there’s lot of great images. However, could you work on removing all the duplicates? It’s VERY annoying to scroll through pages of images I’ve already seen on previous pages.

    1. Shane – From your keyboard to the God of WordPress plugin’s ears. Not sure why the duplicates show up, except that when we upload images, and then put them on particular galleries (the pages) this seems to count for 2x images in the image browser. The least annoying/best way we find to scroll through random images is by month — just go to the top, pick a month and put in “300” in the number of images to view (generally, we upload between about 100 and 300 images each month, although way back in 2008/2009 it’s funkier than that because we didn’t know what we were doing.) For doing a keyword search, we’re not sure how not to get duplicates in this image browser, so apologies for that. You can try Google site restricted image search with a key word:

  5. Hi,
    I’ve been on your sight before and thought I found many Van Gogh images. Now I can only find Almond Blossoms. Am I doing something wrong? Also, it seemed that before all you had to do was type in a word, no other info and images would come up but with the date, category etc., it seems much harder to bring up images. Could just be operator error.

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