Google Image Search is by far the best image search we have found – and so a Google Image “Vintage Printable” site-restricted search is pre-loaded here.

10 thoughts on “Search The Site”

  1. Help ! I can’t seem to sign up. I really like this but cannot get into
    it. How do I sign up. I am NOT going on to Facebook. Help, help.
    thank you, belinda ballash

  2. This seems the clunkiest website now. I could access pictures of 16 animals only. Do You have to be a facebook member or something as that sems to take up most of every page.

  3. I love this site and was really worried when you were offline…but I gotta be honest. This new format is awful. I have tried it in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and it’s nasty. It works for the first page view and then it loads everything in a really skinny little box on the left…even with Flash disabled. I don’t know who has talked you guys into this..but they really need to test it better for you. It’s bad. And yet I love it… :-(

  4. Hi. There seems to be a problem with your site and how it loads the pages as it is impossible to actually view anything. Shame as it looked like the type of material I wanted. Hope you get it fixed soon!

  5. Well, I have to say this is worse than the old site. How can I see the full google images page? I just see a narrow window in the middle of your page – with images cut off on the right. So sorry! I’m wondering if you need to re-think your web developer skills..?

  6. Oy. Now I copied and pasted your url to google image but now I can’t sort and select a type of image. It’s just giving everything. Oh my.

  7. I found the best way to search on this site is to click “Browse All the Images” in the left column written in black underneath “just browsing?”
    you still have to use a key word but otherwise I was getting a bit frustrated trying to view the images

    the image collection itself is amazing- thank you!!!!

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