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  1. Hi,

    Your search function is not working. No matter what words I input, it returns no results – even searches that match results that are in the database. I’m using the latest IE.



  2. Your search is not working for me either. Always returns no results, even when I tried to type in a flower name that I know you have.

  3. Search not working for me either. And for some images, when I click on them (ie, some of the orchids on the botanical page), it just re-directs to the main page.

  4. I do like the fact that, when you search, you get to a page that says “Thought on Search Results”… like, we’re all just philosophizing here together….

  5. This site has such potential, but it’s so hard to navigate. Here’s how to search this website.

    Go to Google and type vintageprintable.com, followed by your search term, like this…
    vintageprintable.com: marbleized
    This yields a search of the term “marbleized” within vintageprintable.com and it actually works.

    Try it!

    1. Searched and was going to post this as well when it didn’t work, but the correct way (to display results from vp.com, not pinterest or other sites) is like this: “site:vintageprintable.com marbleized”

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