Because the Google search box is only for Google word searches, here are the results in text formats — click through to the images.

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  1. hi. i downloaded the image “A bee. A and B. Faunae Insektorm Germanica Initia. Deutschlands Insekten. Teil 3. (1793). Scan of 2 d image in public domain believed to be free to use in US without restriction.” I was wondering if there would be any way for me to get a larger / higher resolution scan of the image?

    1. Ali, usually the images we post are the highest res we have.
      See our FAQs.

      Q: I need a high res image — do you have that?

      A: Usually no. Most of our images are sized to print from your home printer on letter size paper — some are a little smaller, some are a little bigger. Most of the images are between about 500MB to about 2MB or so. Usually our sources (academic digital libraries or other public sources) haven’t scanned large sized files. Remember, most of our images are from books — so the images should print about the same as they first appeared in the books.

      We’re no expert, but some of our users report using image editing software to “res-up” the images. Alternatively, there are paid services where you can license hi-res images, as many ad agencies and others already do.

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