Swivelchair Media – Get to know us!

Get to know us!

Swivelchair Media 320 x 140 - Copy

Greetings beloved Vintage Printable/Swivelchair Media users! We thought it was about time we became a little more, you know, up close and personal with our long suffering good looking users.  So here’s a little peek into our life here at Swivelchair Media!

We know you’ve been frustrated by all of our technical glitches, so we thought we’d introduce our crack-technical team we’ve had johnny-on-the-spot-cheerio right there when problems arise. Problem? Solved!

Portrait - Photo - Straw mask boys, Ireland
They see everything!

Social media is a must-do for any website!  Our social media directors are always up to date with the latest and greatest.

Portrait - Photo - Two young girls with their hands crossed
Our social media directors! Fun! Tweet tweet!

Business casual? Please. We’re all for self-expression.

Portrait - Painting - A Nubian Lady
“Oh, just ran out the door wearing whatever!”

We have a creative, fun, corporate culture here at Swivelchair Media. Teamwork! Creativity! Entrepreneurial spirit!

Portrait - Drawing - (Munch) The scream
We enjoy a relaxed, creative environment where we can do our best work without anxiety.

We value diversity — no matter your gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, species or even if you really exist in objective reality.  We are inclusive toward all types of beings!

Mythology - blue cat person
Our HR department — “diversity” is our middle name!


Anyone for team-building?

Portrait - Photo - Crusie ship passengers, life jacket drill 1960s
Can anyone say, “corporate offsite activities”?

While we don’t have an on-site gym, we do have healthy activities, such as sneaking up on sphinxes. Now that’s a work-out!

Portrait - Drawing - Nude man sneaking up on a sphinx
Boo! The antidote for having a desk job!

What’s your favorite time of day? Lunch! A favorite is the human salad bar. Yum!

Portrait - Painting - Representational, Summer
Catch you at lunch!

Happy April 1!

Love, Swivelchair Media

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