UPDATE: Technical Glitch – ARGHH!!! Thank you for your patience!!

Technical glitch, but we promise we haven’t removed anything and everything will be back up!

Update 06.29.10: OK, we are working our tushes off going back through the images  (8-10,000+ or so)  and re-sorting, key-wording and trying to improve image quality.

The good news is that we have lots of new images!

And for all those who shall remain unnamed but accused us of being tossers and not curators, well, we’re getting there!

The not so great news is that we’re still not comfortable putting the galleries back up in the shape they’re in, mostly because the images are incompletely key-word tagged.

We’re going to get this puppy up, key-word tagged, and running before we go off on July 4 long weekend. Yes, we can.

We’ll send out an e mail to subscribers when we’re back up.

If anyone is looking for a particular image of something, shoot us an e mail and we’ll try to dig it up and send out the jpg directly.

Thank you for your patience and no, we haven’t gone away, and yes we’ll be a better blog and image bank for it.


Apologies, site maintenance and technical glitch.

We’ll have all the images and more later today.  Sorry for the inconvenience and please don’t take us off your RSS!

We’ll be back up later today

What happened:  We backed up our website,like good bloggers should when wham! We realized we didn’t copy the files but we moved the files. [Yes we do feel stupid, thank you very much.]

The move back wasn’t as clear cut as all that.

So we are in process of reconstructing. It will be a day or two, we’re about half way there.

Thank you,

The Management (who obviously needs to pay more attention to the back-end administration)

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Technical Glitch – ARGHH!!! Thank you for your patience!!”

  1. Hi — I’m still having trouble with your website. Getting errors when clicking on a lot of links. Hope it’s back up soon!


  2. Good work guys! If you have to take the time to rebuild, glad to hear you’re shoring things up as you go. I was hurting for your images this weekend, but you all provide such a great resource that I can’t quibble over a lost week.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

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