Update: Still working, working. .. some new images in the mean time. .

Well, . . . we’re working on it. Plus some new images.

Danse fantastique, planche 7, La Caricature, volume 1, numéro 4 du 25 novembre 1830

OK, so we’re going to to it up right and proper, indubitably, no more tossing.
We’re almost done re-tagging all 8-10K images, and we’ve been looking at different gallery programs, to even see if we want to stay with WordPress. WordPress is great, but there’s no really clean way to tag/index the images 10 ways to Sunday, like we’d like to do, and still have the images available for search engines.

We may end up keeping this site and archiving it, but then setting up the original site with one of the off the shelf photo organizers.

So far, we like Gallery 123, but there are also some other ones that we need to test drive.

Thank you everyone for your supportive and polite e mails! In the mean time, here are some new images, yet to be indexed and put up.

2 thoughts on “Update: Still working, working. .. some new images in the mean time. .”

  1. I dunno, seems like all of us should be thanking YOU for your gazillion wonderful images and for your drive to make the site work. So, here’s a round of applause! [insert mad clapping sounds here]

  2. I don’t remember how I ever came across your site, but I’m so glad I did. You have a plethora of amazing images – stuff you can’t easily find on google. I like that there is a lot of variety – Thanks!

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