Vintage Printable Update: The Re-Build

Update on the re-org

Thank you to everyone for encouragement and patience.  We’re rebuilding in a way that we hope (a) exposes the images to both text and image search engines (as opposed to text search engines only), and (b) makes image browsing faster with the flashwall option.

And, over this past year, we’ve heard you! We’re trying to make the site easier/better/faster. Other revisions:

  • Google color search for “yellow” was picking up everything with that golden-aged color. The backgrounds are whiter now — alas, for those who want to know “how can I make them look older” — we’re not experts, but probably printing on some antique-looking paper would do the trick;
  • We’ve done what we could with the old images to keep those available if they show up on search, and apologies for any dead links.   Most of the old images will be duplicated with the new site;
  • We’ve put in source information where we have it, but please know that this site is far more superficial – we’re focused on providing pretty pictures/interesting images rather than antiquarian documentation;
  • We’re trying to speed up page loads (reducing side bars, giving e books their own page, etc.)

New images:


4 thoughts on “Vintage Printable Update: The Re-Build”

  1. What you are doing is truly remarkable – the images you are posting are ones that the vast majority would never see in a lifetime. The opportunity you are presenting is of the finest. Best of luck on the continuing re-org project – a true labour of love!

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