Update – We’re Trying to be Faster; Real = $18,000 vs. Vintage printable = $0

We’re upgrading our back-end, so to speak, and could be down for 12-24 hours according to our tech support. Plus mushrooms – the real deal for $18K or download ours for free.

First, we’re moving to a hopefully faster server, and the site may be down for an undefined period of time in the next 12-24 hours according to our brain trust. Hopefully this will make things faster.

Second, mushroom prints.  Style at Home used our mushroom prints in one of their high/low pieces (Here’s the PDF, posted by permission:  styleathome_nov2009_highlow ]

XXXXXX has mushroom images for $18K  [Swivelchair update 08.28.10: We originally posted the image, named the vendor and provided a link back — and then the link was broken and the image vanished – so probably we offended. Offended what? We’re not sure. It could have been posting the price, as this particular aggregator site requires a log in to see vendor prices. Be that as it may, we meant no harm, only to admire original prints and provide a copy for the rest of us, and who knows? Maybe one of our readers is a zillionaire and will buy that $18K set. If we had that kind of money, we’d be buying all kinds of rare books  – and scanning them and posting the images here. So we apologize, secret vendor, if we did something wrong, and we invite you to post in our comments section exactly what the problem was.]

Vintage Printable Mushrooms:


2 thoughts on “Update – We’re Trying to be Faster; Real = $18,000 vs. Vintage printable = $0”

  1. W- for some reason the vendor images (which I had linked to) disappeared after I posted it — perhaps they objected to the post, although it was intended to be a freebie advert for the real deal, which some readers may be interested in.

    For the images, you should be able to left click the image you like, then right click for open in a new tab, and enlarge and print from there.

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