Here are some sample images – right click to print or save. Scroll down for more.

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36 thoughts on “Vintage Printable – Animal”

  1. this website is now too hard to navigate – what happened to it? it used to be so much easier! and on top of that, i don’t have flash enabled which seems to mean i can’t see the rest of this gallery.
    very diasppointed!

  2. This site has so many amazing pictures but it’s so difficult to find them. The new flash gallery is really annoying too. Get rid of the fuss and make it simple

  3. What has happened to this site?

    It’s as though everything has been deliberately hidden. I don’t understand why you would do this.

  4. To all of you having trouble with the flash gallery, there is a link at the bottom right of it saying “Disable flash gallery”. If you click that, you can use a static version of the page.

  5. Yes, you can disable Flash, but it STILL does not work well. After I disable flash on the Animals page I see all the different categories, but when I click the corresponding picture for each category all I get is that image as opposed to all the ones within that category. Web design = EPIC fail.

  6. this website design is awful. it is way too difficult to navigate and find the images. Only a small fraction of the page seemed to be devoted to the images and the rest was self promotion. horrible, horrible, horrible design!

  7. I simply can’t figure out how to find anything! And, as a marketing professional, I have to tell you that no one used flash anymore!

  8. I click “Animal” and then click on, say, “Dogs,” but I only get a single image – the one from the thumbnail. Directions seem to indicate this should take me to numerous images of dogs.

    Great site – I just can’t figure out how to find what I’m looking for.

  9. I am SO BUMMED! I just love what this COULD be, what you’ve tried to do and was so looking forward to your updates. After patiently waiting, it’s way worse for me on my end. Can’t see images or if I can get some to appear, can’t enlarge. I hope one day you can figure it out, because if it was user-friendly, it could be AMAZING! Best wishes, because I would LOVE to be able to use the images. So gorgeous when I can get a glimpse. Right now, a huge, mean, frustrating tease!

  10. I was just about to post a link to vintageprintable on Apartment Therapy, and thought it might be an idea to check here first. Whatever has happened? This used to be such an amazing resource, and now I can’t see a single image? Apparently this problem has existed for months; is anyone attempting to remedy it?

  11. Hi,
    I was wondering if you supply hig-res versions of the images on your site? Do they come
    in 300dpi?

    Many thanks,

    1. LM, we’re sorry but this is all we got. One way to “res-up” the images may be to print the image and then scan on higher dpi (we’re told). If the citation is given, you can search that, or if you save the image, you may want to image-search that for a higher res image.

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