Vintage Printable: Bob Dylan on an Underground Newspaper circa 1967 via UDub

We once asked an older, hipster relative why Bob Dylan looked so different on all his album covers. (This was back in the era of albums, pre-CD). The relative responded that Bob Dylan was actually a committee because one Bob Dylan couldn’t be everywhere, now could he? Sounded reasonable at the time, and we had actually heard the same thing about Santa, so apparently for really big time important people like Bob Dylan and Santa they have clones that look sorta like them, but permit their *essence* to be in many places at once.

Bob Dylan image 1967

See image information here:  Helix, vol. 1, no. 10 (September 1, 1967), cover

Helix, Volume 10, September 1, 1967 (cover), Seattle. Paul Dorpat, editor.
William Ward art work of Bob Dylan.
[We previously blogged about Bob Dylan looking so different on each of his album covers, here, in our other blog.)

Please know Vintage Printable is truly fair and balanced.  Angie Dickinson balances Bob Dylan, sort of.

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