Here are some sample images – right click to save or print. Scroll down or click the pages in the sidebar for more.

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Printable – Entertainment, Recreation”

  1. Hi, I really love these images, how do we know if we can really use them?
    or can we tell if they are really in public domain, how do you
    find these images, I sent you an email about a week ago.
    I am working in a film and the director really likes some images from here
    but are afraid of legal issues, can you please give an advice on what to
    do if we really like some of these images, maybe a contact person,
    or another site?
    Thank you

  2. Looking great. I’ve used the site in several iteration and appreciate what you do. This design is great for what youre doing. Thanks.

  3. Hi, your search doesn’t work for me anymore (chrome browser) nothing comes up for anything. Love your site, please let me know when it’s working again, thanks!

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