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4 thoughts on “Vintage Printable – Environment, Landscape”

  1. So happy you’re back online!!! I love your site. Thank you.
    But … all these changes are very confusing, can’t seem to find anything. Are these all the images you have now, or just samples. How do I access the rest if there are more? Thanks again!

  2. Love your site – just a heads up re the incorrect date on ‘Detail from the Cyclorama of Early Melbourne by John Hennings’ , Hennings was born in 1835. He arrived in Australia in July 1855 and was commissioned to paint Cyclorama of Early Melbourne in 1892

  3. Hi, thanks for this site! I agree with you, why do some sites have to ask so much money for images that are public domain!

    What I wanted to ask, can I use some of these images to create scrapbook kits that I would sell? I just can’t see that anywhere in your TOU, so I prefer asking. I wouldn’t want to use something I’m not entitled to.


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