Here are some images – right click to save or print. Scroll down or click the pages in the sidebar for more.

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18 thoughts on “Vintage Printable – Medieval, Mythology, Fantasy, Monsters and Various Beings”

  1. I am on the fastest lines available but still finding the floating slideshow impossible to navigate. Static thumbnails work, so why do we need to suffer with this?

  2. Why would someone take all the effort to design a site that is very difficult to navigate? Why not keep it simple. The site isnt worth the effort. Thanks anyway

  3. Yes, agreed. You have a interactivity trainwreck on your hands. In the future, I recommend steering clear of flash.

  4. what a wonderful resource of images, thanks for putting it all together!
    but what a complete nightmare to attempt to navigate, if only you’d put visible thumbnails only, that flash thing is such a bore

  5. omg Glad I looked at the comments. I thought it was just me. Once I got on this site, my browser started freezing, there was a huge drain on my computer and other open applications started crashing. NOT good.

    I agree, it’s too bad. I really love the content I’ve seen here so far, but the site is impossible. I may go back and try going through what google has indexed of the site and come at it from that angle.

  6. I’m sure this is a great collection of public domain images, but unfortunately I have given up trying to view them all. Speaking honestly, this is one of the worst sites I’ve ever had to use. I literally waited 20 minutes for this page to finish loading, and even now my browser still freezes… and forget trying to perform another task while surfing this page; this site causes everything else to crash.

    1. VD, alas,
      We’re a free site, and so we’ve been a little constrained by costs to actually make this site as smooth and glossy as the ones that operate with Federal tax dollars. We’re working on it!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Thanks for this website. To say the truth, this has great content, but perhaps this is the worst programmed website I have seen last year
    wordpress is great, but problem is gallery used for this purpose
    content loads 2 minutes and it shot down web browser three times
    may be some virus???

  8. Thank you for putting so many wonderful images on your site. I did have some problems loading the pages at first. The problem lies in displaying so many thumb nails all at once. You may find that inserting lists with hyperlinks to the images, and also grouping the images into smaller sets, may help others browse your beautiful collections more easily. As well, having to scroll back down the page after viewing the displayed image, and trying to find the one highlighted among so many tiny thumbnails, makes the page very difficult to use. I understand how much time it takes to compile a website, but this really must be better organised, just so you don’t waste your well meaning efforts in getting them displayed in the first place. You don’t need a professional to do this – just time. Wishing you lots of it, because your site is on its way to excellence! Blessings!

  9. Wonderful images and collections … thanks for providing the resource, since I realize that compiling it has been a tremendous task.

    But.. I must echo others, not without appreciation for your efforts.. but just a request for the future… that you heed some of the suggestions, such as L. Hennig’s… too many thumbnails on one page makes page loading and navigation a bear !! I have a very fast computer and internet connection and even so, the medieval page took a long time to load, and was difficult to navigate. I’m no expert, but it’s likely that breaking the pages down into smaller bites should help a great deal.

  10. I have a script blocker – and I have had no problems with your site (and I guarantee I have the slowest internet of any of these complainers – dare I point out it ranges from 6kb/s to 300kb/s (<–on a good day)? So, perhaps just get rid of this slideshow thing they are complaining about. I did wonder why there are a gallery of the same images at the bottom with tiny thumbnails – seems like that should be at the top. Then just have the list of larger images below that. Slide show seems like its cons are outweighing the pros, haven't tried it myself though. Also, thank you for allowing pins. Super awesome stuff.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Amy.
      The reason for dual slideshows is because we’re gearing up for mobile. The bottom slide show is probably better for desktop, but the top one works better for mobile. We may ditch them both and start over, we’re working on it. But the concept is to have a slider for mobile/tablet, and also thumbs.
      Pin Away!

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