Vintage Printable: On Memorial Day, We Appreciate Those Who Protected Our First Amendment Rights and We Have Plenty of Speech and We Intend To Use Up All of It

Video. Noted film maker John Waters speaks at a “Symposium on Free Speech,” cosponsored by the Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA) and the Maryland branch of the ACLU, on September 17, 2007, in Baltimore, MD.

John Waters on “Free Speech” (Adult Contents, about 12 minutes). Worth a listen from the man who, with his loyal cast, spent the better part of the late 20th century taking a machete to the homogeneous social messages in commercial films.

We appreciate that we don’t have government censors monitoring our blogs, not that we have anything to monitor.  Actually, we take that back —  in our other blog we were mocked and ridiculed by the NYT for our Goldman Sachs conspiracy theory that has largely borne out to be true. But no one came and made us disappear in the middle of the night, at least not against our will. So yay First Amendment, and yay everyone who has fought, big or little wars, to keep our right to freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech not only protects the rights of the speaker, but also the rights of the  potential listeners, and those who silence a speaker, are in effect limiting their own knowledge — sort of like putting fingers in your ears and saying “lalalalal” so you can’t hear.

And so, we just want to say, in our own way, we do remember those, in uniform and private citizens, who fought to keep the First Amendment. We have loads of speech we haven’t even thought of yet, and promise we won’t waste a drop.

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