Vintage Printable + Style at Home Magazine

[Repost of article from last year] Art for everyone. Style at Home, a premier home decor mag, uses Vintage Printable images in a feature called “High/Low”. Best part: Vintage Printable is both high and low.

[Reposting]: The premier home decor mag  Style at Home used Vintage Printable mushroom prints in a professional photo shoot for the “High/Low” decor feature.  You must look. Amazing.

Best part: Vintage Printable is both high and low!

Many thanks to the terrific team at Style at Home!

PDF document is embedded, click the icon (upper right) for full screen and go immediately to page 3 to see the special mention!

(Style at Home Nov. 2009 pages 70-73 embedded by permission. Here is the November issue link for subscribers.  This blog receives no products or other consideration for discussing  Style at Home magazine).

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