Vintage Printable: Update (almost there . . ); a few new images

We know you want results, not excuses, but we’re almost done!

“Swivelchair, I want results, not excuses!” (to quote Swivelchair’s former boss).

OK, we promised we’d be done by 4th of July and well, we’re almost done.

Cough cough. We were sick. The dog ate it. We lost our homework. The check is in the mail.

Actually, we’re about 1000 images away from being pretty thoroughly tagged, buffed and scrubbed, better than before.

And in case anyone is wondering, this truly is because of our screw-up, and images will remain free, free, free, there will be no charge ever of course (shout out:  All the libraries and organizations who budgeted public and private funds for FTEs to put thousands of years of science books on line — we’re almost ready to modify our rant in the About and Manifesto page. .  ).

So, our sheepish thank you to everyone again for your patience and kindness. (We note in passing that  no one except those in our immediate vicinity has said “you’re an idiot, don’t you know how to use an FTP program?”)

Sociologists should do a study to find out why people who are interested in vintage images (that’d be you) are so creative, patient and overall terrific. Is it a self selecting population? Or does looking at vintage images make you a better person? :)

We’re only partially kidding about the sociological aspect –check out the Vintage Printable users links (right hand side bar, scroll down) and our Facebook page has 700+ contacts, and we’re just getting started there.

(For the social sciences wonks: Happiness can be socially contagious  — there are studies that clusters of happiness are a breeder reactor for more happiness. (See, e.g.,  Fowler, J.H. and N.A. Christakis. (2008). Dynamic spread of happiness in a large social network: longitudinal analysis over 20 years in the Framingham Heart Study. BMJ 337a2338 doi:10.1136/bmj.a2338)  So going to start our own social contagion of happiness. If sprinkling some vintage images here and there does the trick, that’s an easy one.)

Miscellaneous new images —

[flashgallery link=”file” order=”DESC” columns=”5″ logo=”” allowdownload = ‘true’ background = “” height = “400px”]

3 thoughts on “Vintage Printable: Update (almost there . . ); a few new images”

  1. Can I just say?…You are awesome!
    Thank you for what you do. I mean it!
    I am heartened by a site and manifesto like yours, and I don’t know if I’m a better person for looking at it, but I know I feel a whole lot better when I do. It’s like a creative juicer!
    So, merci, danke, grazie, and all that jazz…

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