Vintage Printable: Valentines, Happy Singles Day, or Whatever

We were going to ignore Valentines because we simply cannot compete with the sentiments expressed by professional Valentine writers. But, for those in the greeting card biz (see, 500 Days of Summer, e.g.,), we think there may be some niche markets you are overlooking. (This post stems from several Valentine’s day incidents that have now, late afternoon, reached sufficient critical mass to warrant a blog post.) (Thank us later).

Animals - Curiosity - Nudibranchia (red) 1905

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Niche market: Somewhat geeky and probably too broke to buy an expensive present. Suggested Valentine  inscription (modified from a favorite card we received some years ago):
Slowly but surely our love does grow
Isn’t that right, my escargot?

Niche market: single and avoiding commitment. Suggested inscription: Fun follows you around! Happy Singles Day!

Niche market: Stalkers. Suggested inscription:  You have escaped so far but I’ll trap you next year.

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