We’ll be back some time in March


Design - Apparel - Italian flagellation robe


Mores Italien, 1575.  White flowing robes with hood, and rick-rack trim in the shape of cross. Blood stained back indicating flagellation . Via Yale U. Scan of 2 d image in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.

For reasons both good (we’re moving back to SF bay area! yay), and not so good (we have to write a book chapter that we really don’t want to do, on nanomaterials, something we know next to nothing about, and plus our dear friend who was the editor has just suddenly passed away), we’ve been negligent here.

Maybe once we get up to the bay area we’ll do something in the brick and mortar world. Hmm.

3 thoughts on “We’ll be back some time in March”

  1. Hi, I hope you get this. I’m trying to find a photo of a big pig painting a picture. I’m almost sure I found it on your site and now can’t locate it. It has the tag “another_artist”. I need it for a print for a pediatric unit at a small hospital. Please, please can you find it. Thanks VERY much. Bess

    1. someone told me about tineye and i finally found it. thanks.
      by the way, how would i turn off flash to negotiate your site better?

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