We’re Back! New server is up.

We’re just appericating what we got, as instructed by a wise person with a can of yellow spray paint looking at the Bay Bridge.

OK, so we’re back to where we were just after Thanksgiving. Thanks to one and all, near and far, for your patience, and our biggest apologies for inconvenience/time wasted. *Sigh*

Phase 2 of Vintage Printable is in the making, for better/easier to use/searchable/image searchable/faster/better, really better web site.


In the mean time, we’ll post new images.

We’re just appericating what we got, as instructed by a wise person with a can of yellow spray paint looking at the Bay Bridge.

Appericate What You Got
"Appericate What You Got" (Cellphone Photo by Swivelchair, all rights waived)

8 thoughts on “We’re Back! New server is up.”

  1. I was excited to see you are back, but the site still isn’t working well…at least for me. I can only access a very small amount of the prints that used to be listed. What happened to the rest?

  2. Glad you’ve emerged from server hell; just rediscovered this site and looking forward to sifting through the contents as they come back to life.

    Unfortunately as it is the site is more like a Rubix Cube or a point and click puzzle hunt than a user-friendly gallery. I’m hoping most of the problems are just symptoms of the move and not permanent “features”.

    For example, for the majority of categories the gallery–when viewed with flash or even with flash disabled–is confined to a single column on the left instead of stretching all the way horizontally across the page (all the buttons up to “color” seemed to work, for what it’s worth). With flash on all you can see of the gallery is about the size of a playing card, with the pictures all crammed in on top of each other. I don’t know if this was meant to make the site more usable for mobile devices but it’s a major eyestrain and an utter pain to use on a full-sized monitor, especially as 2/3 of the remaining screen are bursting with word spam.

    Additionally when I try to use the “categories” button at the top of the screen I’m limited in what sub-categories I can view/click by my monitor size (on my laptop that means anything after “French” is cut off). This may not be a problem for users with a scroll wheel, dunno. Clicking on the actual button leads nowhere.

    Again, glad the site is back, love what pictures I’ve seen so far, and hope that these major design flaws are just symptoms of some coding gone wonky during the server move.

  3. Played around some more and realized that I can view the rest of the “categories” drop down by using my arrow keys to scroll, so scratch that!

  4. yuhuuuuuuu! Thank you for coming back! i’d been trying to enter to your site since december and today i’m very happy to find that finally you are back.

  5. Love the beautiful work you provide and truly appreciate what you do; however, the site is not user friendly and it’s very difficult to find anything. Hope that will all be resolved when you are 100%. Good luck!

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